Annim BanerjeeKolkata, India
Embedded Hardware Design Engineer
Worked Full Time: New Delhi, Bangalore.
Onsite Worked: China.
Work Experience: 6 Years.

I help Hardware and Software Startups and Established tech companies to bridge between hardware and software for their Products.

Embedded Engineer with more than 6 years of work experience in designing and developing PCB, Firmware development, and Linux Device Drivers for Custom Linux SBCs. Rapid prototyping to mass production projects which often has BLE, Wi-Fi, LTE, and LoRa based communication applications is the prime focus segment.

Over the years, as the understanding of the Internet of Things and technology around it got better, my ability to bridge between the hardware and software sky-rocketed. This helps me to pack hardware with major IoT protocols and software technologies which mostly runs on mobile or web platform.





Fire Alert Security System

An inter-connected nodes which helps us to indicate, detect and cut-off system when any fire or high temperature is sensed. This suit utilise Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and works offline and online too. It also comes with web dashboard control and also on mobile platform.

Remote Sensor - Gas Suit System

A star connection of nodes and gateway, connected via LoRa, Wi-Fi and LTE capturing various gas' presence and activity on and around the sensor-nodes.

Weather Pilot System

A amature design based around ATmega256 and some sensors and Bluetooth HC-05 and some groove connectors.

Capacitive Touch WiFi-BLE

PoC design on ESP32 SoC for capacitive touch design.

Compact SAT Nodes

A small lithium ion battery powered STX SAT modem nodes PoC MVP design.

Location-Assets Tracker Nodes

The popular asset tracking design with little customization which generally includes LTE, sensor and GPS, and have to be as small and compact as possible.

Linux SBC - Tracker & Aggregator System

500 Mhz, Linux based design is based on Cortex A5 and the board holds many fast speed peripherals like Ethernet, USBs, LTE, GPS, BLE and LoRa. Storage provision are provided in form of flash and SD Card.

BLE Home Automation Suit

BLE product line of the home automation suit, designed abour nrf51 SoC Chip.

AC Power/Energy Monitor Dashboard

A multi board design strategy targeting to the domain of AC Power / Energy monitoring system with a OLED Display dashboard with HMI via Capacitive Touch buttons.

Connected Suit System Optimizer

Using basic and smarten IoT Hardware suit works Wi-Fi(ESP32 Free RTOS), enhance any system where the agents are mobile.

Base Router - Pocket Modem

A Base board for a handy router module from Sky Labs SKW75. The design holds 1 LAN and 1 WAN port, 1 Master USB 2.0 port, USB port power in rated for 10W at 5VDC.

RPi & ESP32 Shields, Caps

Small gigs Raspberry Pi and ESP32-DOIT Shields. ESP32 Capacitive Touch Shields comes handy for some Wi-Fi or BLE based applications.

Linux SBC - Camera Application

A small and compact, 6 Layer design, Allwinner V3S SBC for Camera based application, for OV5640 camera module. Power is been driven by AXP203 PMIC.

Base board for Raspberry pi Compute Model

This is exciting and on-going!


Linux Device Driver

Bringing up the peripheral's device driver and packing the linux image, especially in the world of sunxi or linux4sam.

Win32 API and OpenGL

Application based on Win32 APIs & OpenGL, A small win32 GUI application written in C.

Topology Control Simulation

From this Win32 GUI application, anybody can take this as reference for doing GDI+ graphics related activities, or as Win32 Dialog based application illustration. I tried to develop the LMST in my way which is not the optimised algorithm right now. I have used linked list to handle Vertex of Graph and also to handle Edges.

Android Application Development

General mobile application for and around the IoT Products and hardware suits which also has MQTT client service, and communicating with target server.

Full Stack Web Development

Developing general web app for the IoT products, especially preffering HMVC framework (PHP), MongoDB and putting mqtt client part for capturing realtime data-points.

Firmware Development

Writting and Developing business logic for the hardware designed.

Managed Windows Application, C#

Windows GUI Application development for the hardware designed to complete the fully finished product. This also includes Metro UI look in most of the application so far developed. Mostly the applications requires USB communication to the target device.



POS Firmware development and maintanance.

Foot Activity Tracker

Windows Application for managing and feeding configuration to hardware.

SoS BLE Hardware

BLE Firmware developed for nrf51 SoC.

Alarm Suit System

Developed Hardware design, written firmware, web app and mobile app with mqtt for real time data-point management.

Router base PCB

SKW71 base PCB Design.

Variant Asset Tracker

Designed PCB, written firmware, web app and mobile app with mqtt for real time data-point management.